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Tara Kennedy

The despair I feel of different cultures and religions suffering in conflict drives me to communicate important messages of acceptance, empathy and hope. Through understanding these messages there could be more harmonious outcomes. My work is about creating expressions of hope emerging from this pain.

A mixture of materials are used including yarns, threads and fabrics and involve techniques of knitting, wrapping, felting, knotting and stitch. Process is also significant and references therapeutic, meditative and calming practices.

I create soft sculptures and wall hangings as well as detailed drawings which provide an alternative viewpoint and compliment my 3D work.

The coloured yarns provide a metaphor to show the transformation from blood spilt and the pain of suffering through graduated tones, to ivory conveying hope. I use the imagery of cages, bundles and wrapped forms with knots expressing tension,  wrapped bundles conveying unity and bound cages suggesting protection.

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