Susan Stringfellow

I am a mixed media artist mainly working with textiles. My main interests include Mental Health and I produce items designed to reduce the stigma around  this issue. I have a background in Fine Art and recently completed my Masters in Textiles. For much of my working life I had a career in the 'caring professions' ; nursing, social work and mental health care. These experiences have influenced my artwork, and my artwork has given me the opportunity to raise awareness of issues I became concerned about. I make art to make people think, I want to prompt discussion of a little talked about subject. I am currently creating a series of items which will display a neurological pattern. Said pattern on first observation could be dismissed as abstract but on closer inspection the viewer would see neuron type images throughout the material. This is to represent the hidden nature of mental illness, where commonly it is only the sufferer who is aware of it. I have previously made items of clothing which are interactive, attempting to give participants some insight into the distress sufferers go through. I hope to build on this idea of interaction further with my upcoming work.