Steven Edwards

My work is underpinned by a curiosity around observing the materiality of clay – both in how it records every interaction during the making process, and the context of the ceramic object in the space and cultural time where it was created.  My practice encourages playful exploration of process by combining tools to research, provoke and reveal ideas in an attempt to re-invent traditional forms and mindsets. I produce a range of work from small sculptural forms to large scale sculptures for installation

This body of work, titled ‘Measured & Swift’, explores the material qualities of clay when exposed to the steps of a specific making process – Repetition, Compression and Cut. It investigates how implied movement within an artwork can provide the viewer with a shared experience of the past making event. The method of making preformed in this work follows a procedure of throwing repetitive forms that are compressed into layers and finally cut using a purpose made cutting tool. This approach deliberately builds tension in the forms, adding a level of uncertainty about the outcome, and leaving the material and process to decide the output.