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Polly Middleton-Heatley

My inspiration and creative motivation comes from my love and affection of form, function, colour and texture. I adore collections and families of objects – all slightly different but with a sense of belonging because from relationships comes strength. I am passionate about grouping pieces together – each one unique, thereby making a celebration of differences. There is always a theme running through my work, joining the pieces together and giving them a sense of inclusion. My work is developing and emerging through the use of the marks made by my own hand building and painting techniques. Thus, the pieces, shapes and patina that develop from the characteristics of my hands, fingers and thumbs are unique. I get immense pleasure making my Art Collections. This is reflected in the colourful, fun objects I create. However, this contrasts with the depth that comes from isolation and loneliness which undermines a sense of belonging and being included, a problem in our society in the 21st Century. My work has been validated through being selected for Exhibitions, Galleries and for Collections.

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