• Transition will be exhibiting their long awaited 'Materiality' exhibition at the Oxo Tower Gallery in London March 9th - 14th 2022.                                             Artists explore the physical nature and properties of traditional, technical and innovative materials, foregrounding them as part of the art concept. Thus the smoothness of parian clay, the lustre of glass, the play of light in a woven artwork, with the fragrance of natural plant fibres, are investigated as essential parts of the conceptual whole. Transition showcases expressive and innovative recent work, which breaks new ground, blurs boundaries between disciplines and tests our conventional ideas of craft – whilst remaining beautiful and desirable. Maintaining a focus on high levels of skill and artistic concept, our makers work in textiles, jewellery, ceramics, glass, metalwork, product design and mixed media.                                                                                               Hope of ethnic unity emerges from wrapped yarn sculptures, metal and glass installations recreate the disorientating effects of macular degeneration, and woven textiles challenge conventional flatness, pushing into the third dimension. Many of the makers are concerned with social and environmental issues. A diver and artist captures glimmering light in hand-blown colourless glass - reflections of the ghostly desolation of bleached coral in a dying reef. We see the use of sustainable, natural, recycled or otherwise unusable materials to minimise impact on the environment, with the aim that this exhibition will encourage reflection, stimulate conversation, and inspire shifts in perception